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News letter
Sound on Sound Magazine  
November 2000

"The best third-party utility that I've found to date is CDXtract"

"CDXtract is incredibly quick and easy to use, and makes finding or converting sounds about as simple as it could be"

February 2001

"I recently used CDxtract to rescue data from some ailing 270Mb Syquest cartridges formatted by my Akai Sampler. At just 79 Euros, the full version is extremely good value for money"

Mix Magazine  
July 2001

"I settled on CDxtract, which can be purchased for $44 as a download only (www.cdxtract.com). I've had 100% success converting my entire Akai library to disk using this utility"

Computer Music Magazine  
June 2000

"Le premier utilitaire vraiment opérationnel de gestion/conversion de CD-ROM pour échantillonneur. Un logiciel indispensable"

"The first really working solution for managing and converting sampler CD-ROM, an indespensable software"


Keys Magazine  
July 2000

"Die Bedienoberfläche des Tools ist klar strukturiert, äusserst praxisnah und auch ohne Lesen der Anleitung innerhalb weniger Minuten zu verstehen"

"Ansonsten besticht das Programm durch Stabilität und einwandfreie Ergebnisse"

Keyboards Magazine  
March 2001

"Insgesamt kann CDXtract durch die einfache Bedienung und Zuverlässigkeit bei angemessenem Preis überzeugen. Zwar ist er nich möglich, mit CDXtract DOS-Format-fremde CDs zu erzeugen, dafür arbeitet das Programm im Vergleich zu Translator aber reibungslos"

Sonic Control  
April 1999

"I think I speak for a lot of musicians who use samples on a regular basis when I shriek with delight and say "Finally! Somebody has created a program that does all of this for the PC!"

"A musician dream !"


Keyboard Magazine  
June 2001

"Seer SurReal Super Bundle. It includes CDxtract, which allows conversion of CD sampler libraries from Akai, Roland and SampleCell/PC formats for import into SurReal"

Digital boy   "CDxtract is one of those incredibly useful programs that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it. Quite simply, if you use an Akai S5000/S6000, GigaSampler/GigaStudio, or a Creamware Pulsar/PowerSampler, then you need CDxtract.

For years sampler users have wanted a way to store and organize all of their sound libraries on a central hard drive for quick, easy access to their sounds. CDxtract is the tool that makes this possible.

With CDxtract you can finally stop shuffling a stack of sound discs in and out of your sampler’s CD-ROM drive. Simply use the extremely fast and reliable batch convert function in CDxtract to effortlessly store and catalog all of your sounds on one central hard drive. Once you start working this way, you’ll never go back."

Todd Campopiano, President


"CDxtract is a superb tool for anyone working with a variety of sample formats.
At Sampleheads, we need to quickly convert samples between many formats, and CDxtract is the first tool of its kind to do this accurately and reliably. CDxtract's support of SF2 (SoundFont) format allows any PC user access to the large library of soundware CD-ROMs from Sampleheads and many other developers, until now only accessable to those with expensive professional hardware.
Great Job !"

Jeremy Roberts, President

Sound Deluxe  

"I just finished my first session with your software. Excellent!
I went through the whole "Transfusion" CD-ROM in approx 2.5 hours.
That would normally take me at least half a day. It's a very well written piece of software."

Mikael Sandgren, Music Composer