SAMPLIT 1.0 has been released

With SAMPLIT you can record and convert the sound of any midi hardware (synth, expander...) to a sampler library. SAMPLIT works on PC and Mac OS X and supports 6 sampler formats: Halion, EXS24, Kontakt, SampleTank, Reason NN-XT and Soundfont. SAMPLIT includes an autoloop feature and a player.

New technologies

Over the last 18 months, we have been working on two new technologies to increase the quality of our software: A cross-platform framework called AMVLIB. That kind of framework is used by companies like Steinberg, PropellerHeads or Native Instruments to create all their software with the same feature and user interface on PC and Mac. The second technology called "Universal Sampler Framework" is the core of CDXTRACT 5 which redefines completely the way we manage and convert sampler libraries.
SAMPLIT is the first software that uses these 2 new technologies.

CDXTRACT 5 is (still) under development

We have been talking about it for long time, but our initial plans have changed so much that we had to delay its release. Due to our new in house "Universal Sampler framework", it was not possible to reuse any source code of CDXTRACT 4. Every format had to be rewritten, hopefully not completely from scratch. We have just completed the last step and expect to release a first version of CDXTRACT 5 by the end of this year.

New formats
CDXtract 4.2 converts the NI Kontakt and the PropellerHeads Recycle formats to any other format. Note that the Kompakt libraries available as plugin cannot be converted. CDXtract 4.2 converts all the source formats to the DS-404 format

CDXtract 4.2 includes the DropSound utility for Mac OSX and PC. Just drag and drop any number of Wav and Aif files and DropSound will play them. DropSound supports all sample rates and resolutions. We welcome any suggestion for the improvement of this utility. We already have some ideas in mind, like supporting the SF2 and the Gig format, converting the samples to other format...

Conversion to the Reason NN-XT format
PropelleHead Software

CDXtract 4.1.2 converts all the source formats to the Reason NN-XT format on Windows, MacOS9 and OSX. This conversion includes a lot of parameters like: volume, velocity, ADSR, filter, LFO, modulation...

Moreover you can use the "Velocity stack" advanced function to combine several programs together and create new multi-layered NN-XT patches.

Compatibility with Mac OSX
Apple Mac OSX

CDXtract 4.1 is now working on OSX. This is a pure OSX version that does not need Classic to run. This OSX version has exactly the same features that the Mac OS9 and the PC versions. All the source and destination formats available in CDXtract OS9 are now available in CDXtract OSX.

CDXtract OSX is also compatible with the mixed mode Akai discs (Akai + audio).

Conversion to the Kontakt format
Native Instruments

CDXtract 4.1 converts all the source formats to the NI Kontakt format on Windows, MacOS9 and OSX. This is a complete implementation of the Kontakt format including the keyswitch, controller switch, release trigger and modulation crossfade. This is simply the best Giga format converter for Kontakt.

Moreover you can use most of the advanced functions (velocity stack, controller switch and crossfade) to combine several programs together and create new multi-layered Kontakt instruments.