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- Does CDXtract run under Windows NT / 2000 / XP ?

Unlike the other conversion softwares, CDXtract is Windows 2000/XP compliant which means that you don't have to install any ASPI driver on your Windows 2000/XP system in order to run CDXtract. CDXtract automatically detects your version of Windows and selects the appropriate disk access mode (ASPI or NT). This is an important feature because the ASPI drivers are not supported by Adaptec and Microsoft under Windows 2000 and XP.

- Is there any Mac version of CDXtract?

Yes CDXtract works on Mac running OS 8.6 and higher including MAC OSX. The Mac OSX version requires Jaguar (10.2 or higher).

- What are the differences between the PC and the Mac version?

There are no differences, 90% of the source code of CDXtract is cross-platform, which means that there is no delay between the PC and the Mac version.

- How much Ram do I need to run CDXtract?

CDXtract needs only 20 Meg to run.

- How much hard drive space is required to make a conversion?

CDXtract doesn't use any temp file, all the conversions are performed on the fly. So the only space required is the space that will be used by the converted files.

- Does CDXtract read Zip, MO and Jazz discs?

Yes, CDXtract can read from most IDE, SCSI and USB drives including CD, ZIP, Jazz and MO.

- Does CDXtract convert Giga files?

Yes CDXtract reads and converts Giga files, even when they use compressed samples.

- Does CDXtract convert to the Kontakt format ?

Yes, CDXtract includes the conversion to the Kontakt format on PC and Mac since the version 4.1.