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CDXtract 3.6 PC

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News letter

We usually receive a lot of emails everyday about many different topics. CDXtract is a small structure that doesn't have a dedicated support team but an enthusiastic programming staff who works almost 7 days a week. In order to give you the best possible service we would like you to read the following guide-lines:

Read the FAQ and the user manual, the answer to your question is probably there.

Sales question
Check if your answer is not on the order page, if you still have a question then write to sales@cdxtract.com

Format inquiry
Probably the most common question, "is this format supported?". Please check the format page, it is updated on a regular basis.

Support question

Again, please make sure that the answer is not in the FAQ or in the user manuel. If you have a problem with CDXtract or you think you have found a bug, please click on the support link in the Help menu. Requests sent via this form are stored in a database and have a tracking number.
For any other support question you can write to support@cdxtract.com, don't forget to give us the exact version of CDXtract that you are using as well as your operating system.

- Don't write to Amazing Sound as this company is no longer a CDXtract distributor.

- Don't mispell cdxtract.com, some people tend to add an "E" before the "X" which results in lost mails.

- Make sure that your email address is correct and valid, every month we have a couple of replies that cannot be delivered because of an address or server problem.