The following table gives you the list of source formats and destination formats available in CDXTRACT. They are all available in the PC and the Mac version except SampleCell/SoundDesigner II which is only available in the Mac version and MP3 which is only available in the PC version.

All source formats (program + sample) can be converted to all destination formats (program + sample and sample only)

All source formats (sample only) can be converted to all destination formats (sample only)


Source formats (program + sample)
Destination formats (program + sample)
Akai S1000 / S3000 EMU Soundfont

Roland S7xx

EMU III / ESI / IV / EOS Akai S5000 / S6000
Akai S5000 / S6000 NI Reaktor map
EMU Soundfont Creamware Pulsar STS
Akai MPC 2000/3000 Tascam GigaSampler/Studio
Tascam GigaSampler/Studio Emagic EXS24
Emagic EXS24 Steinberg Halion
Digidesign SampleCell VSampler
Creamware Pulsar STS NI Kontakt
Kurzweil PropellerHeads Reason NN-XT
NI Kontakt SampleCell (Mac only)
Recycle NI Battery
  DS-404 (PC only)
Source formats (sample only)
Destination formats (sample only)
Wav Wav
Aiff Aiff
Akai MPC .snd MP3 (PC only)
Creamware Pulsar .s  
Sound Designer II (Mac only)